R & W Motor Company


Highest quality products and equipment

We use a wide variety of different products and equipment to ensure you get the best detailing service possible.

These products and equipment are of the highest quality and are always hand-picked by our expert team to help achieve this excellent level of service.

Scholl Concepts Premium vehicle waxes and compounds

Scholl Concepts are a leading worldwide manufacturer in vehicle surface finishing and ensure you get the highest quality detailing possible.

We use a variety of products from Scholl including ground-breaking compounds, polishing pads, waxes, sealants and car care accessories.

Feynlab Ceramic self-healing paint protection

Feynlab are the market leader in ceramic Self-Healing paint protection for the automotive industry.

We utilise two main Feynlab products lines, Ceramic for their excellent paint protection and water resistance and Heal for it's incredible Self-Healing capabilities from scratches.

Krystal Kleen Detail Oxfordshire based detailing

Krystal Kleen Detail is an Oxfordshire based detailing and paint protection company who supply and produce high quality vehicle coatings and cleaners.

Their products have received great reviews from the detailing world and we use a number of their products when detailing our vehicles.